Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THE SOHO COBRAS official debut show bootleg...FREE MP3 OF THE WHOLE SHOW

Not a lot else to say.

I'm still very pleased with how the show went, I just posted links to video for the whole night, but here's your chance to steal the whole thing as MP3s...

It's nothing very spectacular, just the audio from the MP3's has been ripped off and placed on my player for a  few weeks

You can either download them form the reverbnation media player at the side of this blog (if you can't see that, you may be reading it somewhere else so go to: and the media player will be down the right hand side of your screen)

What ever the main article is check down the  right hand side for downloadable MP3s.

Or you can click on the link HERE and listen to or download the whole thing :-)

all in all a great night :-)

Here's a few random live shots from what I've found so far...