Saturday, June 28, 2008

PISTOL KIXX review in Oxford's NIGHTSHIFT magazine

Just a quick one, another great review in the Oxford Music Mag NIGHTSHIFT.
Somebody there really likes us which is all good!
I'm also excited like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for my pleactrums with my name on to arrive. They should be here next week. I just can't wait to throw them at somebody!
The text of the review went as follows:

Nightshift July 2008

Perhaps The Spoons could take a few lessons from this lot, previous Demo Of The Month winners and a band who know all about the Wham Bam Thank You Mam school of rocking out. These two songs are almost Cro-Magnon in their old-fashioned approach to punk and metal, something of a meeting point between Motorhead, The Exploited and Backyard Babies, as subtle and simple as a village idiot armed with a machine gun and an old Cockney Rejects album. The singer's whisky'n'gravel croak is wonderfully bluesy and the lo-fi sound can't distract from it's determination to get to the bar and drink heavily as quickly as possible, stopping only for a quick guitar solo on the way. There's a great oafish terrace chant feel about 'Fucking, Drinking, Rock 'n' Roll', and really , the title alone is all the review you need of Pistol Kixx.

Now I just need to go out side and stop watching the Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig boxed set...
645 minutes of hot chick cyborgs fighting robots is probably more than I can resist, so I'm probably gonna just stay on the couch all weekend!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back to Burnley!

The Mighty PISTOL KIXX were back in Burnley again. We had such a cool time last time we had been really looking forward to this.

We were on quite arly during a S.O.P.H.I.E. fundraising gig so we took advatage of the early finish to get really drunk. Beer tokens didn't help either, so things got really messy!

Just before mid night we were all offered a trip to a kareoke bar nearby which being drunk and extroverted ego-maniacs we decided was a really cool idea. With Fran and Leandra as our native guides we got Kareoke crazy!

This is a text book example of why I should drink less at gigs, although not as good a warning as what happened to Dave when he passed out!
All Hail "DAVE MAUL"

All in all a great night, I just feel bad that poor Miss Warlock still has scars from it... literally!