Monday, July 19, 2010

Another post in praise of my JCA20H...

Just a quick post...

I just played my first gig using my Jet City Amplification JCA20H where it wasn't mic'd up.

A lot of people have been asking my how it stand up volume wise to live drums and how useful it would be for small gigs without being mic'd through a PA so I've thrown together a quick compilation from the video of the show of a few solos so you can hear it next to a full live band in a small venue.

All my previous gigs with it had been through a PA which worked great but this was the first time it had to stand on it's own as it were. It has been working fine at rehearsals without any help from a PA so I was sure it would cool and it did work out really well, it sounded great and was plenty loud enough to play a small or medium sized venue on it's own I think.

I just cannot recomend one of these highly enough.

Any how, enough waffle, here's the video:
JCA20H demo: Live solo clips, un-mic'd with a full band.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HAZEL has decided to leave the band...

Not a lot else to report, our fearless  gin-fueled front woman has decided to leave the band.

Her voice, stage presence, mid solo gin pouring and shoulder climbing antics will be sorely missed.

I wish her luck with what ever she does in the future.

In the short term, Sober Dave and I will be singing. So far this has been working out OK.

We both sing so we're not cancelling any shows. I'm kind of in two minds myself as to whether we should just go with that option, or find a new singer.
I sing OK, and Dave has a good punk voice and has sung lead vocals before so I'm not worried about how it will sound, but I do think we do lose something when the singer(s) are trapped holding guitars. For now anyway, Dave will be doing most of the singing and I'll be doing one or two tracks.

We have placed a few adverts looking for a new singer, but I guess we're not really in a hurry to fill the slot. If somebody amazing comes along, then that'll be cool, but if they don't, I'm quite happy for things to carry on as a four-piece.

If you know of anyone male or female who would like to try out, then get in touch.

In the mean time here's some footage off Hazel drinking gin of the floor :-)