Saturday, May 23, 2009


First print review of the oxford punt in the June 2009 Nightshift.
It was a night of good wholesome fun and we did get about 20 seconds of interview airtime on BBC Radio oxford which was cool.

I'm really looking forward to the next couple of gigs which should be really interesting...

We're not... :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Live in Camden Town" EP Review

There I was innocently googling myself when I found a review of the Live EP "Live in Camden Town" which you can download for FREE here.

I was really pleased to see some good press outside Oxford, so word is starting to spread. You can check out the review here, or just scoll down an inch or two and have a read.



Live albums are supposed to be packed with the raw emotions and loud energy that was displayed when the band stepped out in front of their baying crowd. It should be a cementing fact to the followers of the band and never an intention to gain virgin listeners. This download album does everything it is supposed to. Crank it up loud and you feel that you are there, down at the front among the sweaty, Jack Daniels soaked mass. Pistol Kixx are the epitome of the sleaze punk genre and obviously put both barrels of energy into their live gigs.

Sounding like a moshpit of The Almighty and The Wildhearts mixed with a massive double whiskey shot helping of The New York Dolls for good measure, Pistol Kixx’s previous support slots with names such as Tyla and The Dogs D’amour only prove they’re worth their salt.

This live EP which was recorded in front of a highly charged Camden audience is as is just a taste of what the self confessed, dirty, booze fuelled rock monsters have to offer. Each song sees frontman Carli Hart firing out sex mad lyrics, over songs with titles such as ‘Back door beauty’ and ‘Strip club skank’. They don’t try to change the world, or make a political stance, instead they just remind you what Rock n Roll should be all about.

If you want to hear something that invokes your senses with the smells of leather jackets, spilt drinks, stubbed out cigarettes and smoke filled bars on the wrong side of town (even with a smoking ban?) then this is your medicine.



Monday, May 18, 2009

First review from The Oxford Punt

I just found the first review from The Oxford Punt.

It was a great gig, best fun I've had in a long time but it was a bit much having to go to work then run out, get a bus to Oxford, play, drink, then get a bus back to London. I crawled in the front door at nearly 1-00am, but it was worth it.

The Purple Turtle in Oxford was absolutely rammed full. best crowed for PISTOL KIXX yet I think.

Any how, enough waffle, here's the review:

All big hair, bandanas, tattoos and piercings, the foul-mouthed,
entertainingPistol Kixx provide the night's 'blue' in the dingy, pokey
surrounds of thePurple Turtle. Reviving the punk-rock spirit of the
likes of the Ramones and New York Dolls, the band pout, swear
and musically self-pleasure in the form
of rock legend guitar riffs, flaunting their sleazy musical
wares like some cheap tart.

Joby Mullens (May 2009)


Monday, May 4, 2009

PISTOL KIXX "Live in Camden Town" Review

The live EP (well actually just a two track teaser) got reviewed in the latest issue of NIGHTSHIFT. (Hopefully full ep review to follow)

Another great review, I'm not too sure I like the idea of looking, "like a bizarre cross between Hanoi Rocks and The Wurzels." even if it does make me smile, but they do pull it back and push my smile into overdrive with, " (if) you get off on the idea of Motorhead, New York Dolls and the first Motley Crue album, with songs about strip clubs and lyrics about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, then you’ve just met your new saviours."

We don't even bribe them :-) it's just nice that somebody gets it!

Any how, here's the review in full:

When we say the best thing about Pistol
Kixx’s new demo is the accompanying
photo, we’re not being rude. It really is a
great photo. They look like a bizarre cross
between Hanoi Rocks and The Wurzels. As
for the music, they’ve reined the high
fidelity in even more than usual with a nobudget
live recording, but such is their
rough’n’raw, no-frills approach to sleazy
glam-punk, you’d barely notice the
difference. In fact, you could offer them an
entire week in Abbey Road studios and
they’d still kick it all out in fifteen minutes
with no overdubs and spend the rest of the
time necking cider and whisky and eating the
potted plants. If you’re already aware of
Pistol Kixx, you know what to expect; if
not, and you get off on the idea of
Motorhead, New York Dolls and the first
Motley Crue album, with songs about strip
clubs and lyrics about sex, drugs and
rock’n’roll, you’ve just met your new