Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Downloadable Pentatonic Scale Diagrams

Free downloadable Pentatonic Scale diagrams...

I've started writing up all the notes I give to guitar students so rather than getting a photocopy of something I wrote in the back of an envelope when I was 19 and figuring all this stuff out myself I can just print off or hyperlink to resources when I need to give stuff out

Since I'm going to be typing up all this stuff anyway, I guess I may as well stick it all online free for anyone who's interested.

There will be a lot more stuff to come, so these basic diagrams showing where your fingers should go when you play the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales will be the first of many free resources to come.

If these diagrams don't make any sense to you, don't worry CLICK HERE FOR A A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE PENTATONIC SCALE.

There is a much more thorough introduction to Pentatonic Scales on the way shortly, but once that is done, then I don't really care what order  write the stuff up in, so if there is anything that anyone would like some help with guitar wise then I'm open to suggestions, so leave a comment here or on FACEBOOK and if I have some stuff on it, I'll put that up next.

I'm updating all the older free stuff on the blog to sexy new diagrams. I'm editing things at the old urls like this because I've linked to the resources in loads of places.
Don't forget that there is a ton of FREE stuff on my site already and this new software has inspired me to go crazy moving forward.
The widget that used to diplay them as a downloadable pdf kept crashing, so they are here as jpegs instead.