Thursday, February 21, 2013


For no other reason than it made me smile, here's a picture of VLADIMIR PUTIN riding a dragon.

I recently found a couple of complete live shows. The first SOHO COBRAS show was on my hard drive and Stevi (The bass player from the Cobras and PK) had posted an entire PISTOL KIXX show on his youtube channel.


Here the whole PISTOL KIXX show from the OXFORD PUNT.

And here is the complete SOHO COBRAS first show at The Gaff

The EIGHTBALL VOODOO facebook page has hit 666 "Likes"

The mighty EIGHTBALL VOODOO has hit 666 "likes"on facebook.

The band are an online collaboration  I have with a few friends, so either click HERE to "like" us as well, or at least click below to stream our latest single!

Hear my guitar ROAR!!!!

Here are links to it on a few itunes stores:

It's only 99c in the US!

It's only 79c in the UK!

It's only $1.69 in Australia!

Get a sleazy rock n roll bargain!