Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Roxane....

My addiction to obscure French made guitars continues...

Thanks to my good friend MAX who finally buckled and sold me his beautiful LAG ROXANNE VINTAGE.

It's 10 years old and has the old two "N" spelling.

French made LAG number 5 for my collection!

I'd seen his pics of it maybe a year ago and I've been nagging him to let me have it since.

I guess it finally got a bit much and the deal was done!

A guitar shaped parcel arrived for me at work a few days ago, and I'm still full of new guitar joy!

I think that's going to be it guitar purchase wise or a while, but I have enough of a guitar-harem to not be too bothered if I have to gig the same ones for a while.

Here she is!

Friday, May 6, 2011


The subject just about says it all...

Not a lot been going on lately. We just had the first THE SOHO COBRAS gig with Charlie on vocals (Video to follow) but I'm moving house and that has kept me busy. I have a new place sorted which will mean there will be a lot more space and being able to leave my gear set up will mean that there'll be a lot of videos and stuff on the way.

Watch this space.

I have finally invested in a decent Electro-acoustic. My recent Miyavi obsession and a few looming acoustic gigs meant I had to really.

I tried quite a few but I finally opted for a Yamaha APX900.

It's tuned to D and getting the shit, miyavi-slapped out of it, right now. I am just so impressed with it. It sounds great acoustically, especially when you consider that it's a small bodied acoustic with a cutaway, but plugged in, in is just amazing.

It's also just thin enough that I can play it behind my head and it's black!