Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live at THE WHITE SWAN 24/04/10 and Dickie gets a new tattoo

We just had a gig at THE WHITE SWAN in Aylesbury. It was an unusual show. We had booked it before Hazel joined the band and it turned out that she was having to jet off, well car and ferry off to Belgium because of work on the day of the gig.

It was only a small pub gig so rather than cancel, I stepped in to sing for one show. I was a bit unsure about it, but I thought fuck it, give it a go. I had been singing at rehearsals while we were looking for a singer, so I knew I could "sing" but doing it live while playing the guitar was another thing!

In the end it was OK I guess, I really had fun doing it and it was in tune, but not  a great vocal performance. I guess my rhythm playing suffered quite a bit. I think I rely on seeing the guitar neck a bit too much and looking at the video, I can see that I need to work on making sure that I my mouth is pointing at the mic when I shout in it!  An interesting learning experience, but I'll be very glad to have hazel back where she belongs for the next one.

So so vocals aside it was a great night with excellent performances from THE INFAMOUS and FOREVER VENDETTA.

It was also my second gig with my JET CITY AMPLIFICATION JCA20H and I used my LAG  ROXANE RF1000 for the first time since I played it at the gig where PISTOL KIXX broke up live on stage!
Here's a quick collection of excerpts from solos so you can here the JCA20H live on a guitar with P-90's

Jet City Amplification, JCA20H. Another live demo

And here are 2 tracks from the gig:

HERE AGAIN By THE SOHO COBRAS (Rob Silver filling in on vocals)

In other news, Dickie got "I *HEART* Colin Vipurs" tattooed on his arse for a bet... well he says it was a bet, but there's no smoke without fire if you ask me...
Who would have thought Dickie had a thing for drummers.
This is a lesson to anyone who get's drunk around tattoo equipment! 
See you all at AQUANET on May 8th!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LIVE AT 12 BAR 16/04/10

We got offered a gig at 12 BAR last week. It was for the following Friday but we jumped at a chance to do a show at there even at 4 days notice!

I've wanted to play there since I saw THE STEREO JUNKS rip the place up a few years ago and since Hazel had already played there a few times with GINKINTA her last band I was feeling a bit left out of all this 12 BAR gig action, so a massive than you to LONDON CALLIN for putting us on.

It's weird in, any reasonable way the place is an awful venue, the stage is tiny, I've seen bigger dining tables and obscured by a balcony, but it's just SO FUCKING COOL you can't help but love playing there.

We had a pretty good crowd despite being first on. Opening the night combined with the difficulty of changing over gear in such a small space meant I had to leave my lovely new amp at home and we all used the headline bands gear, so a big thank you to ELECTRIC RED DRIVE for sharing amps. I got to play through a huge Fender combo, great amp, but not really my thing, so I guess I struggled a bit with it at first, but once we got going it was all cool as fuck.

The sound in the room was pretty good, but it was loud as hell. So far I've had excellent sound on the video with my camera but I think finally the noise levels were a bit much for it in a quite small space. Even though the sound isn't great I've stuck up all the videos because I think the atmosphere more than makes up for the sound quality. It was just a great night from start to finish!

You can find a couple of the videos below along with a link to a playlist of the whole show.

VISH came down as well and took some cool pics, some of which you'll find below the videos.

BLACK HEART by THE SOHO COBRAS live at 12 BAR. 16/04/10

And these are some of the pics that Vish took: 

We've already been offered another slot at 12 BAR but we couldn't take it because we have another gig booked for the 24th. My singing debut in Aylesbury!

Hopefully we'll be back on stage at 12 BAR soon though...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

PISTOL KIXX album available for free download

It's been a long time coming but despite the band no longer existing, the PISTOL KIXX debut album is finally online for your listening pleasure. The whole thing is available to stream of download for free at right now.

It has taken a while but thanks to our rhythm guitarist and resident studio whizz Mr Sober Dave (Nickname may be ironic)
All the demos we did have been remastered and embiggened  for your listening pleasure.
It was really fun being in the band, and even the break up that involved people storming off stage mid gig was quite a spectacle..
So click on the link below and get some filth sleazy southern blues punk :-)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live at THE UNDERWORLD, 29/03/10... vids and pics.

I guess the title sort of says it all.

I've just got a link to some pics from the show taken by our good friend, photographer and all round drunken camera toting perve VISHAL VASHISHT. There are a few examples below as well as a link to where you can find the whole gallery.

I've also posted a few videos from the show. I did get film of the show from start to finish, but I think the lights on stage may have been confusing the auto focus a bit because  a couple of the tracks came out to blurry to use. Most of the gig is up on YOUTUBE now though, so it's all good.

In other news, or next gig on the 24th of April is looming. We're playing at The White Swan, opening for the very excellent FOREVER VENDETTA and THE INFAMOUS. This will be quite an unusual show because I'm going to have to sing...

We booked this one before Hazel joined the band but unfortunately her job is dragging her off to a Belgian music festival, so rather than cancel, I'll be stepping up to the mic and filling in on vocals. I've sung on a few recordings before for my studio project PUREDECAY and I was singing at rehearsals while we were looking for a singer, but this will be my first outing on vocals in front of real people. I guess I'm equal parts excited and terrified, so it'll either make for some glorious or hastily deleted live video! 

Only time will tell.

Anyhow, I said something about vids and pics...

and here's some of the pics for the show thanks to Vish:



Sober Dave (Covering Bass for the night)


You can check out all the pics in the gallery at VISH'S SITE