Sunday, April 15, 2012

SOBERDAVE and the Drunken Ramblings

My good friend and band mate Soberdave has been working a solo project Called, "SOBER DAVE AND THE DRUNKEN RAMBLINGS." 

There are a few demos up on Dave's soundcloud which you can check out HERE, and there is going to be an acoustic EP coming soon.

He's asked me to play some acoustic on this for him which will be a great  chance to finally record something with the T5, but he's also asked if I can record some ukelele tracks as well, which I'm really excited about.

I think the 8-string uke I got for my birthday is going to make these recordings sound awesome, so I'm really keen to get some recording sorted with my ukes.

An Ashbury AU-65E Tenor uke, and an Ovation Applause UAE20 Soprano,

So to put it mildly, I'm looking forward to getting some uke onto a recording.  Time to get Dave round, buy wine and get started!