Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Octave 3 NPS Pentatonic Shapes

OK, guitar diagram frenzy is well under way.

These diagrams lay out the Pentatonic Scale in three octave patterns.

The three octave patterns take up a lot of fretboard so each of the examples is in a different key. First you get the Minor Pentatonic scale over the whole neck in the key of that particular example. Then I lay out the 3 NPS version.

There are some really big stretches  in these patterns, but they are a great way to go noodling around the neck.

I've included a video below, of me playing a "The Soho Cobras" tune called "Full Throttle."
This version has me covering vocals.
There is a big 3 octave pentatonic run up in this solo, but I actually climb up via 2 note per string shapes, but at the end of the run up it kicks in to a cool 3 NPS pentatonic lick (about 2minutes 18 seconds) 

Anyhow, here are the diagrams: