Sunday, March 7, 2021

SEVEN STRING MAJOR TRIAD ARPEGGIOS for 7 STRING GUITAR- All inversions and presented with multiple options


SEVEN STRING MAJOR TRIAD ARPEGGIOS for 7 STRING GUITAR- All strings and all inversions.

Mapped out below are 7 string MAJOR ARPEGGIOS for 7 string. All inversions and all combinations of strings.

I've had to move a few notes around on these and break with the ideal format in a few places. A couple of the shapes here are plausible, but I don't think anyone would ever play those notes that way (Page 2, 2nd Inversion for one) but I'm trying to balance mapping useable patterns against trying to use a consistent formula to clearly illustrating how one inversion merges with the next helping you to play any arpeggio anywhere on the neck.

All the diagrams come with a whole neck map at the top of the page so I would actively encourage you to use this and work out variations of your own that suit your playing style and musical requirements.

All I'm providing here are options that you can use, or tinker with to make something you find more useful.

Loads more coming soon for 7 string, so bookmark the site and check back or follow me on FACEBOOK for updates.