Tuesday, February 23, 2010

THE SOHO COBRAS: First gigs booked, acoustic demos up and drinking

Been having a busy few weeks. I'm really excited about how things are shaping up.

Despite four of us getting so drunk in Crobar the other hight that Dave passed out, then Colin puked, then Dave had to be carried out and promptly fell in Colin's puke, we've been getting a lot done.

First up, as an interim measure before we can get into the studio properly and just because it was fun, we've recorded a few acoustic tracks. I am really keen to get some proper demos done of all the new material, but for now here's a slightly drunk me and Hazel:
Playing some rough n ready acoustic versions. They are simplified "campfire" acoustic performances, so you get the basic song minus the solos and... well any of the fiddly bits, but like I said were great fun to play, so here's

"HERE AGAIN" (Acoustic) available for free download and streaming at


"BLACK HEART" (Acoustic) available for free download and streaming at

The first gig is also getting a bit closer:
I am really fucking stoked about this.

But if you're in Oxford on the 19th of March then come and check out the Sleaze-Punk Rollercoaster that will be THE SOHO COBRAS live!

I also just heard today that Dave and Colin have recorded drums for 3 tracks so there will be some full band demos on the way very soon!

I just got  news that we do have one full band demo up on, so go have a look:


It's there for free download and for full song streaming.