Friday, January 15, 2010

Blues scales, mapped out in all positions...

I'm feeling a bit down, so here's some diagrams of the Minor and Major Blues Scales for you all to amuse yourselves with.

I'm getting really fond of the Major Blues Scale, so that's how I'm going to be filling up my evenings this week.

It's really cold out side still, but the snow seems to have gone for now.

I really should be demoing guitars at a sunny music show somewhere instead of trudging through the snow every morning this week on my way to a tedious trade show, but hey, what can you do...


All this historical angst is great and all, but I've just got some awesome guitar diagram software so I'm updating all the older stuff to sexy new diagrams. I'm editing things at the old urls like this because I've linked to the resources in loads of places.
Don't forget that there is a ton of FREE stuff on my site already and this new software has inspired me to go crazy moving forward.

You can now support the blog by buying this content and MUCH MORE on amazon. Just click the links below for more info:

OK, now on with the Blues Scales,

(Rob Silver 14/04/12)

EDIT 2021:

There are some fresher possibly clearer versions of these diagrams available on the blog CLICK THE LINKS BELOW:

There are a load of other exciting scales for blues on the blog. Try having a look at:

(This one is my favourite)