Monday, February 28, 2011

Badges and Plectrums and stuff...

In anticipation of THE SOHO COBRAS getting out and playing live again soon, I finally ordered some more ROB SILVER plectrums.

They turned up this morning and I've been smiling all day.

Clearly personalised pieces of plastic really shouldn't make me this happy, but they do. I just can't wait to get some gigs booked and start throwing them at people.

I also got a huge bag of THE SOHO COBRAS badges, which we will be giving away at our shows over the next few months.

The plectrums came in four colours, so  have quite a bit of variety now!

There were only two badge designs, but more will follow I'm sure.

In other news...

Rehearsals with Charlie are going really well, we're starting to book some gigs now, so live dates will follow shortly. We've also started recording vocals for some new demos that should all be sorted shortly thanks to the production skills of Mr Sober Dave.

Here's a very hungover Charlie recoding vocals last Sunday in her finest Dennis the Menace jumper.

I also got around to watching my 20th aniversary DVD re-release of SHOCK EM DEAD now available to buy at SHOCKEMDEADMOVIE.COM.

This is probably my second favourite 80's metal horror movie after TRICK OR TREAT. It's awful, but get's a lot of bonus points for excessive breast shots and Michael Angelo Batio playing one of those guitars, that's like a double guitar with plastic horns stuck on his head.

Good times.