Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The search for a new singer continues...

We're looking for somebody to join our punk, sleaze rock and guitar solo fueled travelling hangover machine.

Dave and I had a go, and it was OK, but I really think we lose something having the singer permanently trapped behind a guitar. So we're going to carry on looking for a while and see if we can find a strong front man or front woman.

Worst case scenario, we're not going to go on hold for a year looking for somebody who can sing and isn't a total cock, but I think we'll give it a month or two before we start playing again and I have to do it, just so we can get out and make some noise. Lot's of gigs waiting and I'm getting tired of turning them down right now.

We're looking for somebody with a good voice and a lot of stage presence. We are equal opportunity sleaze fiends though, so we're happy to audition male or female singers, they just have to not be shit, and be exuberant attention seeking lunatics... but in a good way.

Previous live experience preferred but not essential.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in trying out then please pass on my email address:

And tell them to say hi.

If you want some tracks/links to show anyone who might be interested then depending on where you're reading this, you should be able to hear all the tracks in the media player on the right hand side of my blog, but if you're reading this after it's RSS'd into somewhere else like facebook, then click here:

There is a lot of live video there as well over the last few pages, but if you want to see loads in one place then just hit youtube and search for "the soho cobras"
There will be loads!