Friday, September 4, 2009

They look like a cartoon impression of Hell’s own house band...

The latest issue of Nightshift just came out and features a review of the PISTOL KIXX live ep.
It does make me a bit sad to be getting such good press after we broke up, but hey, these things happen.
You can of course buy the glorious "Live in Camden town" EP on cd for a pittance + P&P HERE .
Or if you feel like downloading it you can get the whole thing for free at

Still, it's nice to end on a good note I guess and the new band will start rehearsing in a week or so, so it's all good!

(Own Label)
When Pistol Kixx played the Oxford Punt back
in May a few people questioned whether we’d
picked them as a joke, pointing to the bandannas
and leathers and the classic-bordering-on-cliché
rock riffs they kicked out with wild abandon. Such
people, of course, miss the point that within the
band lies a punk rock spirit that far cooler, more
career-minded bands will never ever possess. Of
course they look like a cartoon impression of
Hell’s own house band. So does Lemmy. So did
The Ramones. Of course they’ve nicked most of
their riffs wholesale from The New York Dolls
and The Stooges. So did Motley Crue and Hanoi
Rocks. That’s all part of the fun.
Because let’s not deny that Pistol Kixx are fun.
And if rock’n’roll is about anything else, we must
have missed that particular meeting.
So, anyway, here is the band’s debut release, an
eight-track live mini-album. Within its half-hour
you get dirty old whisky-fuelled bar-blues,
growling, speed-punk, needless guitar solos, lyrics
that reference strip clubs, drag queens, syringes,
booze and ladies’ more intimate parts and a raw
recreation of the band’s live energy. No free
bandanna with every copy, sadly, but perhaps they
can do a limited edition version later on. It’s
sleazy and unrefined, the whole thing sounds like
it could have been made any time over the past
40 years and makes no pretence to offer anything
other than cheap thrills. And for that, Pistol
Kixx, we salute you.
Dale Kattack

Nightshift Sept 2009