Sunday, July 5, 2009

PISTOL KIXX has broken up...

We had what turned out to be our last gig last week.
There had been some tension for a while, but then again if you make 5 ego-maniacs hang out in close proximity that will always happen.

I thought we were going to be all ok, but after half a song, Dave stormed off stage after a bit of a rant from Carl.

We finished the show with just me on guitar, then there was some shouting and people screaming "You fired" like Alan Sugar on speed at each other...

Next day Me, Dave and Colin decided to form THE SOHO COBRAS, Stevi decided he was up for it as well so we'll be writing and rehearsing new stuff soon. We'll be using a a few PISTOL KIXX songs and rewriting a few so we're not using Carl's lyrics. Carl will I'm sure be starting a new band very soon as well.

See you soon at a dingy venue near you!