Monday, July 28, 2008

"Fast Loud and simple..." Pistol Kixx on BBC Radio Oxford

I've been on BBC Radio and got a couple of cool new toys this week.
First off, my beautiful new amp, a Marshall TSL601 in British racing green arrived. It was second hand, but the "bedroom use only" claim was true. Indistinguishable from brand new.
Secondly the plectrums with my name on that I had ordered ages ago finally arrived and have been making me smile all week. Maybe making me smile a bit more than personalised plastic triangles really should, but what can I say, I'm a happy camper!
Now to the really good bit, PISTOL KIXX have been on the radio again in Oxford, on BBC Oxford's new music show. I missed the broadcast, but Stevi recorded our 2 minutes from the podcast that was availble for the week after broadcast. I've uploaded theMP3 to the music player which should be in the top right corner of this page.
In other news...
We're playing in Burnley again on the 24th of August which will be really cool, we'll have to get drunk girls to paint more faces on Dave's genitalia and sing kareoke!