Saturday, June 28, 2008

PISTOL KIXX review in Oxford's NIGHTSHIFT magazine

Just a quick one, another great review in the Oxford Music Mag NIGHTSHIFT.
Somebody there really likes us which is all good!
I'm also excited like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for my pleactrums with my name on to arrive. They should be here next week. I just can't wait to throw them at somebody!
The text of the review went as follows:

Nightshift July 2008

Perhaps The Spoons could take a few lessons from this lot, previous Demo Of The Month winners and a band who know all about the Wham Bam Thank You Mam school of rocking out. These two songs are almost Cro-Magnon in their old-fashioned approach to punk and metal, something of a meeting point between Motorhead, The Exploited and Backyard Babies, as subtle and simple as a village idiot armed with a machine gun and an old Cockney Rejects album. The singer's whisky'n'gravel croak is wonderfully bluesy and the lo-fi sound can't distract from it's determination to get to the bar and drink heavily as quickly as possible, stopping only for a quick guitar solo on the way. There's a great oafish terrace chant feel about 'Fucking, Drinking, Rock 'n' Roll', and really , the title alone is all the review you need of Pistol Kixx.

Now I just need to go out side and stop watching the Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig boxed set...
645 minutes of hot chick cyborgs fighting robots is probably more than I can resist, so I'm probably gonna just stay on the couch all weekend!