Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Showing off, sideburns, guitar fantasies and Burnley

At long last somebody has managed to get a picture of me playing the guitar behind my head. So thank you Mina. I mean what's the point of showing of, if you can't re-live the experience later on the internet?

So I'm happy, but a little suspicious that I should maybe try and get out more.

I have also become obsessed with the idea of playing rockabilly guitar and have been spending hours on youtube looking for lessons. I think deep down part of me thinks this is an attempt to validate my sideburns by embracing a subculture where they will be more widely appreciated, or maybe it's an excuse to buy a Gretsch or at least something with a Bigsby...

Pistol Kixx are back in the studio on the weekend which will be fun and I'm really looking forward to the triumphant return to Burnley for another live show the weekend after. It was very messy last time, but at least if I hit a travel lodge rather than taking 15 people back to Dave and Amanda's house, I can get drunk without feeling bad about the carnage!